Might have gone too far

Posted on April 19, 2011



Where Exmoor meets the sea

You know when you play a song to death  and something you once loved turns into something you cant stand any more. After a long hard winter my play list was becoming a bit like that,  jaded and over familiar, so I decided to add some different tunes to my mp3 player (which also happens to be my phone..). I’m not a pedant but I like my software to be intuitive – in other words I cant be bothered spending hours and hours ‘learning’ about hidden shit that is essential to the process. I need buttons that say what they’re gonna do and then do it. Anyway I’ve always got on fine with the Nokia interface, which is basically a drag and drop operation to get music onto my phone. This was going fine when the little pop up box asked if I wanted to update the software, I thought why not…. Should have stuck to the ‘if it ain’t broke dont fix it’ principle.


Haw (Crataegus Oxyacantha)

Turns out I was updating my actual phones software and not the interface and consequently I lost all my numbers ( and a picture of a 3lb bass caught off the rocks last summer).


Still a bit early for some trees

Ok, it’s a pain in the ass but not the end of the world. There should be a lost numbers app but there isn’t and  in the absence of anything useful – I bulk messaged everyone I could think of whose number I’d lost on Face-ache. What a catastrophe! If ever you needed evidence that Fb it a complete and utter pointless piece of old toss and has turned into a useless time wasting monster, I have it for you.

Ewe and lambs

Sheep sheltering in the shade

Within seconds over a million messages where bounced around the in-boxes of the great and good as well as a few of my drinking pals, mostly from an editor who “was away until the 16th of May and not able to reply”. Facebook was wanking itself to death and iphones all over the south-west were having a nervous breakdown. To make matters worse I couldn’t phone up my daughter to ask her how to fix the fucken thing because I didn’t have her phone number…



Anyway, I have now deleted that message three times but it keeps on coming back to haunt me like some rabid zombie Valkyrie. People loose their numbers all the time so why cant Fb make it easy to get them back, someone should write a little app and sell it to them, make a fortune and make all our lives a little easier. I’ll take 10% for having the idea….



For me, Fb has become an uncontrollable behemoth and I’m just wondering how long it will be before it totally takes over society, in an Orwell type stylee  – and we vote, get fed bullshit and order our tesco’s shopping through it’s fat controlling pages.

Message ends.

Country house

A house in the country

On a brighter note.

Spring has spring here in Devon and I went for a lovely walk in the real world today, away from computers and phones and it was warm and sunny and the air was full of the scent of gorse and haw.


Sign post

( Click on the photos to see them larged up).


Primrose (Primula vulgaris)

At four o’clock this afternoon the barometer was 1010.4 mb, temperature 23°C and their was a light northerly sea breeze of 0.8 mph, not too bad for 19th of April, eh?

Exmoor Llamas

Beware of the Llamas

Roll on summer.

Mint sauce


All the photos were taken on the 2 hour stroll using a Canon 5D c/w EF 24 – 70mm f2.8 L lens.


The Moor


Water source



Sloe tree lichen

There will be sloes here in September


Myrtleberry Iron age fort


Shady spot