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Posted on April 17, 2013


It has been my privilege (and also pleasure) to be involved with the coaching set-up of the British Junior Squad this winter. At my age you can often be cynical about folks who (through no fault of there own) are younger than you, but this group of talented surfers have been inspirational in their attitude and application. And I genuinely wish them luck on their future careers in our sport.  The squad are trying to make the British Team that will go to the World Surfing Junior Games  that are (this year) taking part in Nicaragua in June. Past winners of the Junior Championships have included Gabriel Medina, Jadson André and Alejo Muniz , so having the technical director coming from your country certainly helps…

Unfortunately due to the disgraceful mentality of our country at the moment; there is no funding for sport, and especially no funding for surfing , which is a sport most middle-aged women cant take part in (unless you’re hard as nails like Gwynedd Haslock). So, the team (or more specifically the parents) are funding themselves through a series of jumble sales and swingers nights to raise the two grand it’s gonna cost to sustain a young athlete at the ‘Games’ in Central America. That’s why they’re Zumba dancing for the local press. You can support our promising Juniors  by Buying a raffle ticket, or just sending a tenner, details are on the Facebook page or just talk to anyone at SGB. It is a positive way to support the British Team in a more sincere way than just moaning about it down the pub to your kooky mates.


Anyway, here’s a few pix from the last training session at Fistral in early March that didnt get published in the (excellent) bulletin on the SGB website. Fistral was majestic and a balmy 8°C (water temp) and the kids were ripping. There is a major selection contest being held this weekend in Bude; The Calypso British Schools Contest. The Team is going to be selected after the event so they’re are some anxious surfers and parents out there at the moment.

My advice for this (and any contest):

1. Do your prep;  fitness, boards, training.(DONE)

2. In your heat: Catch two set waves and do two strong turns on each to get your sixes, then

3. Improve your scores, and finally

4. Concentrate on the controllables (what you do), if you do your best and still don’t make the heat, then it’s not a loss it’s just another starting point.

Hope everyone can control their nerves to smack a few juicy lips and show their best turns. Wahoooo. Click on the pix to make them bigger if you want.

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Canon 5D mk 3 c/w 70-300mm IS

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