June Projeck

Posted on June 1, 2013


Project J13 – One photo everyday in June

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Just for the fun fun fun of it; a diary of the best month of the year in the Shire.

(random thoughts added instead of a title – clickety click on the pic; to make it sick)

June 1st


Morte Point 24mm, Baths – Maximalist playing on earbuds.

June 2nd


Bluebells in June; it’s been a ‘funny ol’ year’. No music – just peace and calm

June 3rd


Jenna Witts. Impromptu sundown session in the Barn,

June 4th


Lovely, still evening spent on the rocks fishing and watching the swell pick up.

June 5th


Lazy lines and breezy offshores in the bay this morning. Surf & work – work for the body and surf for the soul. Surf amp music = Fuck Buttons

June 6th


To bee or not to be; tea break at work, Croyde. Music today: Dodos – Confidence.

June 7th


Well done Scotland (footie), obligatory friday nite curry, Wahey, Music: 110th Street – Bobby Womack

June 8th


After work beer sat on Mary’s bench, Longlands. Soundtrack: chattering swallows (think they were European?)

June 9th


In the true spirit of the #Juneproject, just one photo taken today (on an iphone 3GS). Foxgloves near Bude. Listening to Califone on the way home in the van on another gorgeous, hot sunny day in the south-west.

June 10th


Deepest Devon #Bugford. Ten days of sunshine so far this month but tonight, it got cold and overcast like there’s a storm on the way.

June 11th


“Me like eat mammoth wid uninterrupted view of plain, urggh”. This is a typical Devon view; rolling hills, dock leaves (rumex obtusifolious) and wind turbines. Some people are really upset about the wind turbines but then again, I bet some people where really upset when Stonehenge was built…  

June 12th


Oak tree in the rain.

June 13th


Verity with the sun on her back.

June 14th


Nightsurf Newquay

June 15th


Congratulations Alan Stokes, winner #NightSurf13

June 16th


Happy birthday to my sister; Shelley -cheers!

June 17th


Sunset. surf. rainbows.

June 18th


Been listening to new Boards of Canada track; Reach for the Dead – nice – might have to buy the album (Tomorrow’s Harvest).

June 19th


The Elder is in flower.

June 20th


No caption.

June 21st – the longest day.


Raggedy ol’ buzzard at Longlands (and this bird too).

June 22nd


Emily Williams finds shelter from the storm under the cliff, on her way to winning the #RipCurlGromsearch #Posca

June 23rd


Waiting for the ‘super moon’ under cloudy skies only to find the scene of yesterdays crime. “Sleep for me sleepless, dream for me dreamless” – Tim Rutili

June 24th


Rather belatedly the ‘super moon’ shows it’s face from behind clearing skies

June 25th


Stinging nettles, hated by humans but loved by insects; everything has its beauty.

June 26th

IMG_0101 IMG_0104

Two pix today because it’s really difficult to photograph taste (well, I find it difficult anyway..). Both pix taken on an iphone4.

June 27th


Mary’s bench through the window on a rainy afternoon makes the Devon countryside look like a watercolour. Farmhouse sitting w/ dogs, cats, chickens & 1D mk2.

June 28th


Do chickens dream of Nados made of corn

June 29th


Sun finally broke through the gloom. Torrs, Ilfracombe

June 30th


Self portrait to finish the series.

Probably the most difficult and agonised pic of the month (tried to get some humour in there but didn’t succeed, haha). Oh well, learnt alot this month for sure….

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