Deer on the doorstep at Tibbetts

Posted on April 7, 2013



In this modern world the pursuit of happiness is mandatory for contemporary humans. The elusive chase for an antidote to sadness leads us to consume and consume, even when we know insane that is.

Brreakfast in the sun at Tibbetts

The old admiralty lookout and signalling station (know as Tibbetts) on Lundy; is a remote granite building, sitting in splendid isolation, on the enigmatic island sitting on the horizon about 22 miles off the beach at Woolacombe. It has no electricity supply, so gas is used for lighting and cooking, and coal used for heating. Lundy has no roads or cars so everything you need has to be lugged in from the small shop in the south of the island (about a 40 minute walk). The feeling of space, solitude and peace is truly awesome.

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There’s always something that you forget and in our case it was loo paper. The loo at Tibbetts has been plumbed in at last (gone is the old chemical loo) and the small room also doubles as the shower. Luckily I had brought the Observer sports section to light the fire, and it felt quite good wiping my bum with Paolo Di Canio. However this fleeting moment of joy was soon tempered when I felt my socks soaking up the cold, wet floor. The final indignity was delivered in the form of a large drop from the shower rose landing with a slap on my head.

_STX0947Estpix13 _STX0954Estpix13 _STX0955Estpix13 _STX0964Estpix13 North Light ESTX0490Estpix13 Inside Tibbetts ESTX0536Estpix13 ESTX0540Estpix13 ESTX0699Estpix13 Castle on Lundy ESTX0712Estpix13 The Old Light ESTX0724Estpix13 ESTX0738Estpix13 ESTX0778Estpix13 View north from Tibbetts View south from Tibbetts ESTX0789Estpix13 ESTX0791Estpix13 Tibbetts Kitchen ESTX0799Estpix13 Tibbetts heating ESTX0810Estpix13 ESTX0814Estpix13 ESTX0818Estpix13 ESTX0821Estpix13 ESTX0825Estpix13 ESTX0828Estpix13ESTX0837Estpix13

We didn’t see any Puffins but the feeling of inner contentment made up for it.

Tibbets-Easy – The list:

Candles, tapers, long matches, loo roll, torch and flip flops for shower. Plus Old Pulteney, single malt maritime whisky (goes so well with the Tibbets well water).

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Canon 5D mk3, 24-70mm f2.8L, 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS, & 15mm f2.8

Lundy Island, Devon 4th – 6th April 2013