Not June

Posted on October 13, 2013


After a helluva summer and hiatus from this blog, I’m back on a rainy, flat Sunday afternoon.

First off, here’s some of the pix that didnt make it into the June project  files.

Trying to take a decent photo everyday was such uplifting and fun thing to do, it’s not half as stressful as you would think and I would recommend it to anyone. Especially those who aspire to be, or wonder what it’s like to be; a professional photographer, because, after all, taking good photos everyday is what pro fotohogs do. Click on the pic to make it bigger.

Big Moon in June
Last June swell before it went flat for summer
June was the month of fabulous sunsets
This battle-scarred beauty obligingly circled overhead one sunny afternoon in June
Getting wet to get the shot at Doctors Steps
Baggy Point detail, mid-summer 2013

Baggy and Morte, full sun, 10pm.

Canon 5D mk3 w/600mmf4 IS, 24-70mmf2.8, 70-300mm IS DO