British Junior Team 2013 Pix

Posted on May 28, 2013


Introducing the bright young men and women who will represent Britain at the World Junior Surfing Games that are being held in Nicaragua next week. Best wishes to them and the staff, updates from the SurfingGB website. As usual you can click on the pic to make it mahoosive.

ESTX1309Estpix13 ESTX1319Estpix13 ESTX1325Estpix13 ESTX1328Estpix13 ESTX1331Estpix13 ESTX1334Estpix13 ESTX1337Estpix13 ESTX1339Estpix13 ESTX1344Estpix13 ESTX1349Estpix13 ESTX1357Estpix13 ESTX1365Estpix13 ESTX1378Estpix13 ESTX1385Estpix13 ESTX1391Estpix13 ESTX1447Estpix13 ESTX1439Estpix13 ESTX1438Estpix13

Canon 5D mk3 c/w 24-70 f2.8L

Prints available A4 £10 inc P&P