Estpix Canvas Prints

Posted on October 26, 2013


With the disgusting celebration to capitalism. that is Christmas,  just around the corner, we at Estpix are getting into the festive mood by flogging these high quality canvas prints.  These two seem to be the most popular: This one, a  black and white of Croyde taken from Baggy Point end of the beach shows the Love bank (center), Downend lefts and the peak in the distance is The Point.  (Croyde Canvas 30 inches x 12 inches Black and White signed and numbered £75 plus P&P).

Croyde Bay Canvas


And this one, taken from Shellsborough, across Barricane to Willies Rights, with Morte Point in the background. (Woolacombe Canvas thirty inches x fifteen inches Colour signed and numbered £90 plus P&P, free delivery in North Devon) Woolacombe Canvas


In fact you can have any picture from this blog as a canvas but please give me some notice so as I can organise it. I will deliver personally to locals, as long as it’s within cycling distance from Woolacombe – so not only are you buying local, you will be saving the planet too! If you’re not local I can post them to you, at cost, OR you could pop down to North Devon and have a cheeky surf and pick up a print (just like a local), to assuage your guilt as to increasing the effects of global warming and, you’d also get a laugh as, I could deliver the photos to you in the car park on a bike….. If you dont fancy one of my canvas prints please consider supporting any local fotohog, artist or craftsperson – in these times of recession it is easy to forget how important art is to our lives (and how hungry struggling artists get).

What to do if you want a canvas print: Send an e-mail to me with ‘estpix canvas’ in the header and place your order; you can pay by cash, cheque (to Estpix), turnips (if you are local) or paypal ( and tell me where to deliver to. I will keep a small stock and aim to deliver next day but it may take a week – local time (longer towards Xmas) to get your picture to you.

All prints are personally signed on the back of the frame, just let me know if you want a specific message (ie Happy Birthday etc etc).