Lets hold it up the coast

Posted on December 14, 2013


With just two weeks left in the year, the Woolacombe Boardriders Surf Club were running out of time to run their last contest of the year to choose their club champion. So it was, after a year of postponements, that a mahoosive swell and strong winds decided to batter the North Devon coast. There was only one place that could cope with the intensity of the swell that the buoys were showing to be 16 foot at 11 seconds so the call was made to go ‘up the coast’. The only trouble was for the core group of contest junkies in the only club that still has ashtrays at the beach marshal’s disc was that, on a Saturday every fookin man, woman and surfing dog would have a froth on to surf the place too.

So, a new contest format was adopted to suit the unique situation: One heat 80 minutes, everyone surfs together. One photographer shoots all the action and, the best photo wins.

These are the photos (click on an image to enlarge it):

_STX8278Estpix13 _STX8281Estpix13 _STX8282Estpix13 _STX8272Estpix13 _STX8261Estpix13 _STX8250Estpix13 _STX8170Estpix13 _STX8183Estpix13 _STX8245Estpix13 _STX8156Estpix13 _STX8157Estpix13 _STX8169Estpix13 _STX8155Estpix13 _STX8140Estpix13 _STX8135Estpix13 _STX8077Estpix13 _STX8085Estpix13 _STX8112Estpix13 _STX8063Estpix13 _STX8060Estpix13 _STX8058Estpix13 _STX8028Estpix13 _STX8047Estpix13 _STX8048Estpix13 _STX8027Estpix13 _STX8026Estpix13 _STX8021Estpix13 _STX8007Estpix13 _STX8011Estpix13 _STX8017Estpix13 _STX7995Estpix13 _STX7996Estpix13 _STX7997Estpix13 _STX7986Estpix13 _STX7985Estpix13 _STX7983Estpix13 _STX7963Estpix13 _STX7970Estpix13 _STX7972Estpix13 _STX7958Estpix13 _STX7940Estpix13_STX8284Estpix13_STX8188FrothEstpix13 _STX8246FrothEstpix13_STX8322Estpix13_STX8314Estpix13

Results: Open, 1st Stuey Campbell 2nd Neil Clifton 3rd Ste Corcoran 4th B’Cat 5th Deano                      Juniors, 1st Jack Ashford 2nd Parry

Thanks to Rip Curl for providing the prizes and Rob Tibbles for judging the photos.

All photos copyright Estpix . Canon 5D mk3 w/ 600mm f4 L IS