Saturday Super Snaps

Posted on December 14, 2013


These pix are some local guys feesurfing the backbeach, (avec Stuey Campbell, Lloydy, Will Bailey, Matt Knight, Gibbo, Lyndon and others) when they shoulda been shopping with their better halfs.

_STX7967FrothEstpix13 _STX8013FrothEstpix13 _STX8104FrothEstpix13 _STX8123FrothEstpix13 _STX8186FrothEstpix13 _STX8226FrothEstpix13 _STX8243FrothEstpix13 _STX8268FrothEstpix13 _STX8330FrothEstpix13 _STX8356FrothEstpix13 _STX8357FrothEstpix13 _STX8358FrothEstpix13 _STX8359FrothEstpix13 _STX8365FrothEstpix13 _STX8366FrothEstpix13 _STX8367FrothEstpix13 _STX8368FrothEstpix13 _STX8369FrothEstpix13 _STX8371FrothEstpix13 _STX8392FrothEstpix13 _STX8400FrothEstpix13 _STX8404FrothEstpix13 _STX8405FrothEstpix13 _STX8441FrothEstpix13 _STX8449FrothEstpix13 _STX8460FrothEstpix13 _STX8462FrothEstpix13 _STX8463FrothEstpix13

If you click on the pic, it makes it bigger – maze balls.

Canon 5D mk3 w/600mm f4 L IS ©estpix