Deer on the doorstep at South Light

Posted on July 14, 2019


Continuing the ‘Doorstep’ series here’s the final episode of a recent trip to Lundy.

Featuring the small herd of Sika deer in full summer coat but first a

Meadow Pipit

and a Linnet, near the old quarry

Beautiful Sika hind feeding amongst the fresh sprouting bracken.

The Castle with Hartland in the background

Stag, hind and pricket in velvet

Deer on the doorstep at South Light

Young stag, called a pricket, with tiny velvet bumps

The one that got away; male goldfinch in the woods at Millcombe (13/6/19 at 3.27pm).

Dappled shade, crusty oak and beautiful bird – just obscured by a stray leaf……


XT3 – You’re the one for me.


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