Love to Dream on

Posted on December 16, 2013


Here’s a thing. I love a well crafted HDR pic the same as the next peep, really. But. Not every fookin pic you take….. you know. It gets, well…. lets say; samey (not a real word) or more commonly known as (yawn) boring…..I say. Lets not kill the HDR goose.

Here’s another thing, with the really sort days at this time of year, the light has it own special quality and I personally love the milky, dreamy and oft elusive effect you strive to obtain. I think we should love it for what it is, not try to turn it into a artificial looking photo magazine cover shot. Here’s some pix of my local beach taken last week to illustrate my point:

_STX7910Estpix14 _STX7912Estpix14 _STX7918Estpix14 _STX7921Estpix14

And just to prove my point here’s a shot taken from the same spot, at the same time (pointing in a different direction) with some in camera HDR (tone mapping) applied.


I know which I prefer, and would love to hear your opinion.

All pix ©estpix. As always click on the pic to make it supersized

Canon 5D mk3 w/ 24-70 EF f2.8 L mk2