Happy New Year Slabhunters..

Posted on January 1, 2014


..lets hope it’s a peaceful one with plenty of swell.


Here in North Devon the weather did nothing to help relieve the festive hangover, it was damp and windy and the fields are knee deep in mid-winter mud, not suitable for a gentle perambulation, but with a mahoosive swell running; it was ideal for slab hunting.


This (above) was the end of Morte Point, mid-storm with a big one just about to unload. It’s difficult to say how big it is but for those of you who know the place; Morte Stone is that tiny rock being drenched on the inside!


Here’s the Stone again, in between sets and a friendly local.


Never seen this one break before, pretty raggedy but do-able I reckon, probably head high (and a paddle to die for). Click on the pix to make them bigger.

In other news, I got soaked to the skin walking home in the rain storm from hell and am now doing my Bob Fleming impersonation.

Canon 5D mk3 w/ EF 24-70mm f2.8 L ll