Winter Wandering on Exmoor

Posted on January 23, 2014


A chance meeting, some like-minded friends and living in one of the most awesome places on planet earth conspired to a fabulous day out exploring Exmoor today. Thanks to the knowledge and skill of Neil Osmond, we travelled to places on ‘the moor’ that I have never seen in 35 years of living in this area. It’s always a bit of hit and miss in January but not unusual to encounter all four seasons in one day; and from the freezing cold cliffs of Countisbury to the secluded sun-caught valleys around Simonsbath, we really got to experience Exmoor (see what I did there Neil). Here’s some pix of the day, if you click on them, they get bigger, it’s amazing isn’t it.

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Thank you Bella Given from LonglandsDevon ( & Neil Osmond from ExperienceExmoor ( for a fab day x


Canon 5D mk3 plus all the usual suspects inc 24-70mm f2.8 L ll – 600mm f4 L IS