English Champs 2014

Posted on May 11, 2014



Contrast this years English Nationals with the Scottish Champs held earlier this year. One a hardcore, one day event run by volunteers in classic reef waves at remote locations and the other a three day behemoth of an event run in 1-3 foot beach break at Englands surf capital (Newquay) with all the razzmatazz and a giant media  overkill; facebook updates, after heat interviews and constant twittering. The photo above is my favourite from the event; taken during one of my judging breaks, of Jobe Harris on the practise peak grabs the attention of a grom about to paddle out for his heat. More random pix below, clickety click to make them bick.

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Canon 5D mk3 w/ 70-300 L IS. Images cropped for internet use.