Island in the Middle earth of the storm

Posted on October 16, 2019


“Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a little dust under our feet”

No apologies for quoting the great William Butler Y but this autumn trip to Tibbetts has sort of become a fixture in my calendar year and the early October weather can be at lottery, previously it has been deck chairs, gin cocktails and swooping swallows but not this time. Everything exists. A gentle voyage out with not much wind but a long range swell made the Oldenburg swagger like a gentle early evening drunk, but a SW gale meant we had to pay the supplement and be helicoptered back to Hartland Point (which has interesting geology btw).

In-between: Wind, wind, wind & windy McWind. Cancelled boats. Spectacularly big skies, everything is true and the earth is only squelching under our feet. Thank you to my friends and family who battled the elements to celebrate my birthday whether you were on the island, on the quay and couldn’t get out or just having a soft smirk and a raised glass. Cheers!

Fiery Tibbetts

Old Light, old lighting it.

Big sky village vista


The old Hotel, now called Old House

Square cottage in blue and white

The only indigenous Lundy mammal (whatever that means) is the Pigmy Shrew (Sorex minutus), here he/she is at Tibbetts 10th October 2019 

Those wonderful Tibbetts sunsets


Juvenile Dotterel birthday treat 8th October Quarryman’s cottages

Time keepers hut. Monument to capitalist repression but beautifully iconic architecture.

Ben’s looking for a route to Quarry beach and I’m looking for the Dotterel. Women watching.

Soay on the move

Jenny’s Cove being battered.

Westside, being as wonderful as ever. Scatter my ashes here.

Mouse hole and trap

Happy days.

Between the showers, earthquake looking towards Jennys

Same shot different light

Here we go, my favourite, at the time and on reflection:


Inside the refuge

Tibbetts view with bracken colours

Beachmaster stand off at Brazen ward

Two peregrine on an east side rock

Taking refuge from the storm

Baby sleeping on Landing beach


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Fuji XT-3 w/200mm f2 & 16 – 55 f2.8


Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2020 coming soon.

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