In the middle of nowhere

Posted on May 14, 2015


Finally got round to editing these photos from Easter Sunday at the most northerly point of mainland UK in the area around Ben Hope. After two perfect days of surfing on castle reef under leaden grey skies, it went flat and this glorious, warm & sunny day unfolded. In a fifty odd mile, day long round trip I must have bumped into a maximum of 10 other vehicles. It really did feel as so I was in the middle of nowhere.. Estpix_Scot_025 Estpix_Scot_023 Estpix_Scot_041 Estpix_Scot_040 Estpix_Scot_009 Estpix_Scot_018 Estpix_Scot_026 Estpix_Scot_032 Estpix_Scot_038 Click on the pic to make it sexy, still happy with the Canon 5d mk3 & 24-70mm f2.8 ll

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