The first day of spring in the highlands

Posted on April 14, 2015


Straight outa the camera, these are the jpegs of a cool ‘day off’ at the Scottish Surfing Championships, held at Thurso over Easter weekend. Congratulations to Chris Noble who retained his title under severe pressure form Scott Main.

Click on the photo to view full size.

Estpix_Scot_004 Estpix_Scot_005 Estpix_Scot_007 Estpix_Scot_008 Estpix_Scot_009 Estpix_Scot_011 Estpix_Scot_012 Estpix_Scot_014 Estpix_Scot_015 Estpix_Scot_016 Estpix_Scot_017 Estpix_Scot_018 Estpix_Scot_019 Estpix_Scot_020 Estpix_Scot_021 Estpix_Scot_022 Estpix_Scot_023 Estpix_Scot_024 Estpix_Scot_025 Estpix_Scot_026 Estpix_Scot_027 Estpix_Scot_028 Estpix_Scot_029 Estpix_Scot_030 Estpix_Scot_031 Estpix_Scot_032 Estpix_Scot_033 Estpix_Scot_035 Estpix_Scot_036 Estpix_Scot_037 Estpix_Scot_038 Estpix_Scot_040 Estpix_Scot_042 Estpix_Scot_043 Estpix_Scot_044