Posted on June 4, 2015


Projeck. One photo every day in June. North Devon. Check back & scroll down every day or so for new uploads. June 1st. Beauty in weeds. Part 1 estpix15001 June 2nd. ‘BIW’ Part 2 Estpix_May_001 June 3rd. Beach hut reflections estpix1501 June 4th. Middle beach peak estpix1502 June 5th Woolacombe Down. Woolacombe Up. estpix15Joon01 6th June. I love the way nature fights back against any sort of control. This is a ‘forget-me-not’ reclaiming my raised bed. Sometimes, I wish humans had the same character.  #weedlove. estpix15Joon101 June 7th Foxgloves estpix15Joon12 June 8th Exmoor ponies getting frisky estpix15Joon03 June 9th. Sunset (tick), Morte Point (tick), bleeding seabird (tick). Winner Northy. estpix15Joon001 June 10th. Sunset. Abstract. No filter or post processing. estpix15Joon002 June 11th. Continuing the abstract theme. Grey skies, no swell, grey sea; just like my day spent doing my accounts. It’s warm though so there’s A STORM COMING…. estpix15Joon004 June 12th. I waited and waited in the rain for the storm but it didn’t happen, so here’s a picture from a few days ago of a floxglove hugging the sun to remind us that it is summer.. estpix15Joon010 June 13th. Green. (Shiny wet lettuce) estpix15Joon011 June 14th. Tree, in full sail. estpix15Joon012 June 15th June. My view going to work this morning estpix15Joon119 June 16th. Projeck colapstick. No internet connection & celebrating my sisters birthday (alone of course). I’d really recommend tapping the above photo, one of my favourites so far; Devon; banks; hedgerows; soft hills; gorse – beauty with thorns; barbed; isolated. No pic today so, flashback to Exmoor Pony portrait. estpix15Joon08 June 17th. It’s Wednesday it’s Grom Club! (surfing in the fog). estpix15Joon214 18th June. Cold winds estpix15Joon417 19th June. Rain estpix15Joon505 20th June. “Me and fruity fly waiting for friends” (to arrive). estpix15Joon513 21st June. On our way to Goldcoast Gromsearch. estpix15Joon521 22nd June. Never tire of watching swallows hunt & their amazing acrobatics. estpix15Joon527 estpix15Joon524

23rd June. Flying into the sun.


June 24th. Combesgate


June 25th. Trip to RHS Rosemoor today. The Rose Garden was both visually stunning and aromatically pungent, glorious.


26th June  (Friday). The evening glass-off didnt happen so instead we have our Weed of the Day: {drumroll} It’s! {Monty Python tune} The the invasive Sea Tree (hooray!), also known as Tree Mallow or Malva Arborea in Latin. Apparently blamed for loss of Puffin nesting sites in Scotland and biodiversity destruction in Australia too (booo), this tough cookie can withstand a 100% salt atmosphere (Hmmmm). At this time of year its beautiful flowers can be enjoyed at the top of the beach at Woolacombe along past the sewage pumping station to Combesgate, and many other other beaches in North Devon.


27th June. Lily Mandeville, surfer.


28th June. Seeing as though you like this view so much, here’s one on the house. Morte Point. Sure of death.


29th June. Morte Point projeck, evening glass off, one goes unridden.


30th June. The Last Sunset of June.


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