Combesgate Dilemma Competition and Results Update

Posted on June 24, 2015


As part of the Joon Projeck, I wandered down to Combesgate (a little low tide cove) after Grom Club tonight to shoot todays photo. I sorta had it in my head to do a ‘rock pool – into the light – seaweed – water moving’ type thing shot as the tide came in. There was a little bit of surf and some weird low cloud/fog shit going on, exposures were up and down like an, up and down thing. Anyway out of 39 exposures I’ve narrowed it down to 2 shots but I just cannot decide, so I’m gonna let you do it.

Here’s the shots. First off you have to let me know the two that I have chosen for the slightly- abstract and weed- loving Joon Projeck. Then pick a favourite. The winner will be the person who matches my selection of best two, picked at random (at Red Barn by Kirk on unspecified date before 30th June), their choice of pic will be the June 24th entry. Also they will win an Estpix Canvas of Combesgate (value £90). Normal rules apply, no family etc and no postage – you gotta pick it up. Reply via Facebook, twitter or words in a conversation.

Update: Comp is over and Congratulations to Ste Corcoran – who was pulled outa the hat (plastic bag) at Sunday Club last night. Your choice (everyones ie the most number of likes) was 7 then 3. My choice was 1 & 3. So, by common consent No3 makes it into the Joon Projeck pick. Thanks to everyone who has replied so stoked with over 40 responses (so it was 41 then).. and enjoying the difference of opinion and tastes, really good feedback for me. I’ve added a little note beneath each pic to explain my thinking about the photo. Please let me know your thoughts. Cheers.. Here we go. 1. Combesgate. estpix15Joon540 At the time I took this I thought that it would be ‘the one’ or Neo as I like to call it. The water, typical Combesgate encrusted slate, the desirable residences and an added reflection bonus are the reasons why. 2. Rock pool 1. estpix15Joon541 Rock Pool 1 is good but 3. Rock Pool 2 is better. estpix15Joon542 Beautiful dreamy back lit gorgeousness evoking memories of pre surf stoke, after surf contentment and smoky bbq’s with cold beer and brown feet. 4. Reflection 1 estpix15Joon543 Nice but pretty standard, clichéd and flat, IMO. 5. Fairyland estpix15Joon544 This is the same shot as above but up side down. I thought I was being pretty bloody clever and as I walked home I thought this might the the Neo. But, when I put it on the screen, I got a feeling that I was being too clever and in fact, a bit of a wanker. Although I really like the shot, I cant get rid of the pretentious elf on my shoulder shouting “you tosser!” when I show feelings towards this pic. Sorry everyone. 6. Over the top estpix15Joon545 This is the bogey in the pack. I tried to put all of the latest ‘trends’ in photography into one shot; heavy post processing with clumsy HDR, slightly darker than it should be & neo-noir dystopian feel.. You get the picture – it was over the top, haha. 7. Small but fun estpix15Joon546 You like this one the most and I like it too but if you trawl through this blog you will note that I have taken hundreds of shots of The Point and there are others that are better. Cool reflections on the rock pools though. If you need to pixel peep, click on the pic and it gets big. Ste was gonna call over this evening and pick up his prize but I guess he went surfing instead, so here’s a picture of Ste’s name. IMG_0192[1]

Finally caught up with the man


Photo by Rachel Bury. Lucky Ste had the ‘best surf of the year’ after picking up his wonderful canvas.


Canvas are available of virtually any photo on this blog, prices start at £75 and there are discounts for WBSC & Sunday Club members.

Canon 5 D mk3 w/ EF 24 -70mm f2.8 L ll (Surfing shot 600mm f4 IS)