Woolacombe Village Hall

Posted on October 26, 2021


has got a new roof and to celebrate there has been a series of events recently to get the local community back in the hall. (My memories date back to when the hall was called ‘Hall 70’ (guess when it was built?) and as a visitor from Bristol on a family holiday; we saw Blithe Spirit put on by the Wooly Rep. Amazingly it was quite good in a quintessential British seaside holiday experience type-of-way, sort of Dads Army entertainment for the whole family, Mum and Dad were happy AND we got to stay up late….) So,

I’m so stoked (and a little nervoius too) to be able to contribute to the Photography and Art Exhibition running as part of this event, sandwiched in between the Silent Disco and the Farmers Market, it runs for two days on Thursday and Friday this week (Oct 28th & 29th).

There are contributions from a whole bunch of local artists and photographers and other big nobs but the main attraction will be to see the art contributed by Woolacombe Primary School, childrens art is such a leveller  – uncorrupted, fresh and clean. Looking forward to their contributions.

It’s free to enter and browse so why not come along and spend a cultural half hour or so, looking at local art, for arts sake,

and revive the spirit of the seventies when the Hall was built.

I’ve got eight (8) photos on show, four oldies and four new from the Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2022. Sadly the Calendar is still held up in a log jam from Dover to Brussels but I am taking pre-orders on Etsy right now. I don’t think there will be a reprint this year, so when they’re gone they’re gone and you’ll have to buy Baileys for your Mum instead. As a preview

Here are the photos on show. Four old favourites:

Lundy Puffin

After Sunset

Baggy reflections and

Morte storm.

And here’s four more freshie photos from the calendar, taken this year, in and around the hood.

Lundy Dreaming

Misty Mill Rock

East Lyn River, la de da

and Ancient Oak on Exmoor.

Thanks for coming, and I’ll see you’ll at the fair.