Swallows, seals and sex mad sheep (Another Tibbetts tale)

Posted on November 3, 2015


It’s always a treat to stay on Lundy and, if you look through previous posts on this blog you will see that each trip has it’s own character & themes – shaped by the weather, travelling companions and random occurrences. This trip was hastily planned after an unexpected quiet spell at work, a quick lunchtime search found that Tibbetts was free and three days later we were on the Oldenberg for a calm sailing over to the island in the warm October sunshine. estpix15100 estpix1598 estpix1597

The seals are in pup at this time of the year, so the few beaches are off limits but there’s still plenty of opportunity for seal watching from the rocks. The healthy population are a reflection of the unique ‘no fishing’ zone on the eastern side of the island.


One surprise was that despite the swallows having left mainland North Devon over a month previously, the air was full of them performing their aerial acrobatics. Apparently these were swallows who had spent the summer in Ireland and were using Lundy as we would a convenient service station stop, to have a snack and refuel.

estpix15124 estpix15123 estpix15122 estpix15120 estpix15105 estpix15104 estpix15103 estpix1501

Tibbetts was still the perfectly remote and peaceful place as ever and we were lucky to see the rugged west coast get a right pounding by a strong Atlantic swell in beautiful late Autumn sunshine.

estpix15120 estpix1510 estpix1503 estpix1502 estpix1529 estpix1511

An Old Light sunset and hunting kestrels rounded off a day of days.

estpix1504 estpix1506 estpix1509 estpix1508 estpix1507

estpix15118 estpix15117 estpix15115

It is that time of year for the small herd of Soay Sheep on the Island. These two were oblivious to us as they head butted each other with desire led gusto. (I tried to think of a ‘headache’ joke here but couldn’t find the words without sounding pompous and middle class..)

estpix15109 estpix15108 estpix15107 estpix15106

The trip was rounded off with the Anthony Gormley statue, a good session in the Marisco, a tall ship and stunning views of the North Devon coast.

estpix15125 estpix15111 estpix15102 estpix1532 estpix1531 estpix1530 estpix1505 estpix1504

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Canon 5d mk3, Canon 7d mk2, 24-70mm f2.8 L, 70-30mm IS &  Zomei 818C carbon fibre tripod.

(I was so impressed with this excellent value Chinese tripod that I may do a review, watch this space).

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