Late Winter Lundy

Posted on March 19, 2017


A few signs of spring on the mainland but the island is still sleeping beneath morning mists and afternoon blow-throughs. Life goes on though, and a few lambs take there first brave and slimy steps into what will be the only year they ever know. Skylarks sing to herald the new season and the fab four minus one plus newby take back control of Tibbetts for Pams birthday. What could possibly…… Also,  feral goats, sheep and snoozing seals.

Tibbetts from the north._STX0003LundyEstpix17

Gannets Cove._STX0004LundyEstpix17

Sleeping Seals._STX0006LundyEstpix17

Wild currents at the north end._STX0016LundyEstpix17

Soay lamb & Mom._STX0031LundyEstpix17

Sticking close to Mom._STX0037LundyEstpix17

Lundy granite nob._STX0042LundyEstpix17

Goat watch._STX0066LundyEstpix17

Backlit goatie._STX0079LundyEstpix17

Church, farm, castle, rat island & pub._STX4656LundyEstpix17

Lundy pony’s._STX4662LundyEstpix17

Fab two plus one._STX4672LundyEstpix17

Lazy afternoon at Brazen Ward._STX4683LundyEstpix17

Posing for an i phone pic._STX4688LundyEstpix17

North light._STX4696LundyEstpix17

Late night stumble home from the pub….._STX4704LundyEstpix17

Face in the rock._STX4736LundyEstpix17

Secret reefs._STX4737LundyEstpix17

Best pub in Britain._STX4772LundyEstpix17

Thirsty girl._STX4776LundyEstpix17

Let me in!_STX4792LundyEstpix17

Sun bathing at the Old Light, in black and white.


Tibbetts drive.Tibbetts2_STX4762LundyEstpix17

Perfect morning light for a brochure shot.Tibbettsclassic_STX4761LundyEstpix17

Canon still.

Images best view on a submarine screen, click on the sick to make it pic.

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