PS (Puffins & Sika)

Posted on May 27, 2017


Postscript to the May Lundy trip are these photos of Puffins & Sika deer taken with the Long Tom.

The long tom is my Canon 600mm f4 weighting in at nearly 5 ½ kilos, it is virtually impossible to hand hold except for short periods and although it is bitingly sharp is a class one, ‘pain in the arse’ to lug around. It is in it’s element stuck on a heavy tripod, on a beach underneath a parasol, taking pictures of surfers rather than on the cliffs of Jenny’s Cove. When I go to Lundy I normally take the 70-300mm L, which is much more portable but, for subjects like these shy Sika deer and nesting Puffins, it is stretched to the limit. So, when Michael offered to carry the beast in his rucksack, it was an opportunity not to be missed. Thank you sir for your kindness and fortitude, the photos are dedicated to you.  Thanks also to Pam who brought the lunch and made sure I didnt loose as many lens caps as normal.

As we headed for the west coast we stumbled upon this small group of deer near the old quarry cottages.

They eventually got spooked by some walkers and were off. Not exactly Fence Friday but maybe Sprightly Saturday perhaps?

Plenty of Puffins on the west Coast

And Guillemots

Spot the rabbit.

Best viewed on a laptop or tablet, click on the pic to make it sick

Canon 7D mk2 w/ 600mm f4 IS

Next up: Joon

I thank you

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