Posted on June 2, 2017


Is it June already? I invite you to a #projeck to take a photo every day in June and publish it. Hashtag #Joonprojeck and lets see if we can learn a bit, have fun and make some images that show June what she is: The most wonderful month to be alive in the northern hemisphere: Hooray! What could possibly go wrong? We will have a massive amount of light, mother nature is in full bloom and the summer time feeling engenders a good time vibe. Themes to think about are – beach, surf, moors, heather, wildlife, sunsets, summer rain, dust, global degeneration and ultimate death by capitalism. Also, by popular request: Fences. #fencefriday. Click to enlarge, as always..

June 1st

Nesting box amongst the climbing rose

June 2nd

Phileas pheasant


June 4th

Just before sunset


June 5th

It rained all day today. This was taken after work, about  7o’clock and the lights had come on already


June 6th

Windy. The Oldenberg didn’t sail today, here it is at low tide in Ilfracombe harbour. The surfers amongst you will notice the infamous harbour low tide peak in full screamer mode.


June 8th

The bad weather continues


June 11th

Just another Woolacombe car park shot #fencefriday


Sorry but #JoonProjeck for me has been shelved, thanks for everyone who is taking part & please dont stop but my Dad passed away about the same time (probably just a bit after) I took this photo of the car park fence in Woolacombe.

So there’s too much going on to do justice to the #proj.

Signing off with this photo taken by an unknown photographer, at least fifty years ago, of  the Fam; looking well Gansta, Gerry Spears RIP with his brothers (all diseased) , his Dad (my grandad) and sister Hilary, who now lives in New York and survives them all.

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