Camping Lundy Pride

Posted on July 8, 2017


As temperatures soared around the longest day in June (#Joon17) in north Devon, it was too hot to work, too hot to sleep  and too hot to deal with the crowds who has swarmed to the coast in search of some relief from the humid conditions. There was only one option – a last minute dash to Lundy for some breeze and solitude. The island is so popular these days that everything is fully booked months, even years ahead so last minute means camping and a new Lundy experience to report on.

Heaven on earth…

Saltire (the flag of Scotland) or St. Andrews cross, betraying Lundy’s Nordic heritage


Landing Bay

Timeless Old Light Sunset

Sika spots

The road to Tibbetts

Black backed Tibbetts guard

More Tibbetts nostalgia

Lundy Ponys

Lesser Black Backed

Lundy Starling

New Kid on the Block

Crows #fencefriday



LBB (Rock Pipit or Willow Warbler? You decide)

East coast Goldfinch

Church Repairs


Jennys Cove



Seal dance

After you viewed the images on your phone, please go and open the pix on your laptop, bigger is better.

Canon 5D mk3, canon 7D mk2, 15mm, 100mm, 24-70mm, 70-300mm (all too heavy to carry around on a hot day..)

So camping then.

The good thing is that you dont have to carry your kit up that hill (the hill of death) from the landing bay, it gets dropped off at the camping field by tractor or landrover, eventually. The camping field is on a bit of a slope but seriously, unless you need to camp on a cricket square, it’s fine, full stop, head up – legs down.  If you have a feng shui affliction you may need to consider the orientation and location of your pitch, if you want to have a tent in the morning and are camping ‘out of season’ , remember most of the weather comes from the west (obvs) so pitches by the wall are at a premium. Also consider the location of the island generator (located in the shed by the gate of the camping field), it usually goes off at midnight but during our stay it was on 24/7 due to an island water filtration problem. It wasn’t a big problem, you soon get used to and block out the low level hum, gin helps.

The toilet and shower facilities are superb.  I know I can only compare showers at Old Light and Tibbetts but ‘where have you been all my life?’ Deffo the best shower Ive had on Lundy, hot and hard – just how I like it. Toilet block is a little gem (never thought I’d write that) (but I did a post called ‘splendid shags‘ recently) , so maybe I’m on a roll…….

Downsides, none really. Everyone else is camping on Lundy is probably the same type of introvert, aspergers, weird trousers person that you are so you wont have to talk to anyone, and if you do, pretend that you are from Finland (most people do).

THE most annoying thing is: On departure day you have to be packed up and all your kit ready to be picked up by 9am. This is an hour before the boat leaves from Ilfracombe! When we stay at Tibbetts our bags get picked up at 9am, fine. But we don’t have to get out til 10am, so there’s still time for the final cup of tea and space to get your waterproofs on. So why, when you’re camping, do you have to be all packed up by 9am and left vulnerable to the elements for an extra hour? Is it because I is paying less? Anyway, not a massive problem because the Marisco breakfast has all the trimmings that are full Scandinavian delights like egg, bacon, elk and lichen.




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