Lundy Puffins

Posted on July 3, 2017


To celebrate #WorldSeabirdDay here’s some pictures of everyones favourite (except for those nut-cases who prefer Storm Petrels); A great Auk: The Lundy Puffin – small in numbers and elusive but a population on the up since the eradication of the black rat from the island.

Why is 3rd July #WorldSeabirdDay? It’s because it’s the anniversary of the last sighting of another auk, a great one, another great one, the great one; the Great Auk. (the Great Auk looked a bit like a cross between Razorbill, a Peguin and Batman..).

Because it’s Great Auk day, Ive included a few Guillemots and Razorbills:

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All photo’s taken on Lundy during June 2017 #Joon17.

Canon cameras and lenses.

Other Lundy stuff also available on this blog.

Final Lundy #Joon17 pictures and camping experience coming soon.

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