Deer on the Exmoor doorstep

Posted on January 21, 2018


The rain, drizzle & mizzle,

downpours in grey sheets.

On muddy paths &

Flooded roads.

Forcing the valiant wanderer

Into pubs & lukewarm hot-tubs.


Mmmmm. Anyway.

Ginuary, rest and a chance to edit some pix from 0ur last sunny day.

Btw, HBC (Happy Birthday Charlotte), Wtf & BYT (Boil yer Tatties) haha.

Deer on the Exmoor doorstep. Jan 2018.

1. Hinds on the lookout from the hunt.

2. Hindexit

3. Fence, mmmm.

4. Not as shy as the deer, instead of flight the Exmoor pony has ‘one end that bites and the other end that kicks’

5. Pony winter sun bathe

6. Deer grazing

7. Deer grazing 2

8. Herd on the move.

9. A pricket (young male deer), out on the d/lash.

9. With his sisters and mum.

10. Sunbathing herd.

11. Ive counted 44 but surely there are more (rhyme).

12. Stags on the ridge.

13. Exmoor orange horn.

Best viewed on a pc when you can click on the pix and make them hm, big.

Fuji XT-2 w/ 100-400mm

Get off your phone.