Lundy Spring – Part One

Posted on March 6, 2018


The much anticipated trip back to the island was an adventure to say the least. There was snow-much going on due to the ‘beast from the east’ or storm Emma as she was also known; that the episode will be divided into four parts.

This, the first one, is typically early spring, the cull is in full swing and big skies are full of dark clouds. Ominously.

1. You looking at me?

2. Castle

3. Castle 2

4. Tibbetts

5. Young doe

6. Tibbetts warmth (Mitakon).

7. Village sunset

8. New arrival: Polaris (Polly).

9. First Lapwing of the year

10. Sika hide n’seek a

11. On the run

12. Gallop

13. Spring

14. Flop

15. Fence (Fri)uesday

16. Black headed gul in winter plumage..

17. And right next door was black headed gul in summer plumage.. At first we thought it had been blown in from the Mediterranean, but it seems that this little optimous had a glass more than three quarters full. If any ornithologist can shed light on this paradox please leave a comment below …

18. Dark clouds



Fuji XT-2 w/ 100-400 & 16-55 plus Mikaton 35 f0.95

Up tomorrow: Part Two – Snow..



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