Exmoor Safari on heat

Posted on July 4, 2018


A chance encounter and any excuse not to work during this hot spell, was the perfect combination for an afternoon off: and ‘drive over the moor’. Just when you think you know everything about Exmoor, it’s like yea sure, the more you know – the more you dont know. Our guide Daphne, born and bred local, is the font of all sheep breeds, a superb raconteur and Mrs OffRoad.

The vehicle is pure landrover porn; an immaculate (twenty year old) long wheelbase defender with a go anywhere attitude and it does. Down some lovely tracks to give alternative perspectives on preconceived landscapes, and constantly chasing Exmoor’s iconic red deer. Scored a few shots but the heat of the afternoon had driven most to shelter. So here’s a few from the day and a few of my favourite Exmoor shots to get you in the mood.

Exford pick up.

Shade seeking sheep

Young male (Prickett) in velvet

Mums and babies sunbathing

And some of the shots that make me feel like walking (on Exmoor).

Check out previous fotologs for more pix.

Pony (you’re a pony).

Up on the hill


Thinking about autumn colours.

Coos in heather (Somerset).


Painting (Porlock).

Witches knickers.

Who let the dogs out.

In the valleys.

Fence Friday #exmoor #calendar

Robbers #doone

Cotton clouds.

Cream tea.

A bridge too far away.



Valley of the rocks.

West Lyn.

Foreland pony.

Summer stags.

Really bye this time.

Just time to catch one more wave before dark.

Click on this shit.


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