Tibbetts in the July heat

Posted on July 22, 2018


Scorched paths, brown grasses, burnt feet, no water, no ice and a complete contrast to our last visit to Tibbetts, when everything froze and we got stuck on the island in the snow. (Here -> https://esterspears.com/2018/03/07/lundy-spring-part-two-snow/ )

“I couldn’t think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather be in this weather” Martin Thorne.

  1. First sight of Tibbetts.

2. View

3. Oldenberg leaving.

4. Tibbetts sunset.

5. Puffin on the west coast.

6.  Puffin and his auk mate.

7. Tube nose chick and parents.

8. Wheatear

9. Grants Guillemots.

10. Razorbill buddies.

11. The equivalent of a bird pub; Herring guls, guillemots and razorbills socialising.

12. The equivalent of a pub at Tibbetts; Tibbetians socialising.

13. Over the wall.

14. Sunhat

15. Tom’s pigs.

15. Island coo.

16. Typical Tibbetts.

17. Tibbetts detail.

18. Bye


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Fuji XT-2 w/ 10-24mm, 18-55mm, 100-400mm

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