Lundy Blizzard

Posted on March 8, 2018


Tibbetts became uninhabitable sadly; frozen pipes but plenty of coal however, there was a bad forecast with no chance of a thaw, Lundy staff Rob and Pete were fearful that the boiler would be next so, reluctantly we were re-located to Bramble Villa East (BVE). A new experience for all of us: Electricity, radiators, wood stove and a fabulous window to sit and gaze at the storm. Outside it was bitterly cold with temperatures barely getting above freezing combined with a machete wielding wind meant that there was a chill factor of up to -14°C on occasions. Excursions outside were limited to short walks (roped together) and it felt like the wind was stripping flesh from your cheeks. always ended in the pub for a warm-up pint (or two).

Helicopters rarely dont fly due to wind but we were there during the Storm Imogen (  ) when the chopper was cancelled, and this time it was more ferocious, so no surprise that they couldn’t lift us off the island. Stranded on Lundy for 4 extra days? Dont mind if I do….

The only casualty, apart from a few upset work colleges, was the flag pole – it snapped in half.













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