Lundy Auk Superstars

Posted on July 9, 2019


Razorbills, Guillemots and Puffins are the big three superstars of the Lundy Island seabird cities. Their distinctive black and white colouring and upright stance remind us of the the worlds favourite bird; the penguin, although they are far from related. Like penguins however they are slightly awkward on land having largely sacrificed mobility, and to some extent flight, to be excellent swimmers. Their wings are a compromise for the best design for diving and ‘flying’ through the water and the bare minimum need to fly through the air with very rapid wingbeats. This makes them super difficult to photograph in flight.


Earthquake looking north

Razorbill rap

Warden Dean Jones with observers from the Lundy Field Society

Guillemot glide

New spot

Montagu Steps

The Black Shed (and a corrugated iron building).


All photos taken 13/6/19 on Lundy and are copyright ©esterspears.

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Fuji XT3 w/ 100-400mm & 16-55mm

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