Summer Shades of Tibbetts

Posted on August 20, 2016


Regular visitors to this blog will already know that Tibbetts lookout on Lundy’s second highest point is one of my favourite places on planet earth. The old admiralty signalling station, built of granite in 1909 and bereft of modern conveniences might not be the most remote place in Britian but it feels like it. The boat (or helicopter) ride, then a forty minute trek on foot makes the journey as much of the experience as the dim gas lights, bunk-beds, small kitchen & dodgy shower.

On a recent day trip we met some fellow puffin watchers who introduced a new word to my vocabulary (always an exciting moment): Tibbettian (adjective)  belonging to or relating to Tibbetts, its people or customs. Haha, from reading the Tibbetts log, it seems that nudity is definitely a common denominator ‘custom’….. Apparently it is traditional to streak around the beautiful wall made by John Steer, at least once during your stay.

Visiting this August, we were keen to see the entry of our fellow Tibbettians in the log who, apparently, had a wonderful 11 day stay in May and it didn’t disappoint (no pictures however), one of the funniness comments in the book reads (paraphrase) ” we’ve been to Tibbetts lots before but never fail to forget the difference between the shower lever & loo flush! It’s funny that the shower has more power when you mistake it for the loo than when you need a shower…” Haha2 So true. Tibbetts is the only place in the world that I have ever had a shower with a beanie on. Not this time though.

The weather was such a difference from the last time we came and almost got blown off the island by storm Imogen. The first picture below is from that trip, the others are from a calm and sunny flippy floppy ‘antidote’

Click on the picture to make it bigture.

Below from storm Imogen weekend if February:

Estpix_Feb16 Lundy065

These are from August 2016, forever known as the flip flop trip:

1_STX3194estpix16 3_STX3199estpix16 1_STX3268estpix16 1_STX3272estpix16 2_STX3193estpix16


I’m struggling to know which one to submit to the Lundy calendar competition this year. Your comments below would be greatly appreciated as to which you like the most, thanks.

Canon 5D mk3 w/24-70mm f2.8 L ll

Other Lundy shit:

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