Best of 2019

Posted on January 4, 2020


As is the tradition with photographers at this time of year, we like to look back at the best/ most memorable photos that we’ve taken and so, here are what I consider to be my best work of 2019. Unlike a lot of photographers however, I also put my money where my mouth is and publish a short run of 100 calendars of those best shots. So, big thanks to all those friends, family and strangers who bought the ‘Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2020′ this year, and helped me to break even on the projeck. There are just 4 left, so I will give three away (and keep one for myself) to the best replies left below in the comments section of this blog post, say which is your favourite photo and why, or not.

Glad to finally put the calendar to bed for the year and start on my next projeckt : “Winter’. Here they are:

1. McPuffin, Duncansby.

Always practising my birds-in-flight panning technique, especially with the nippy auks. This one came out well on an Easter trip to Scotland.


2. Common Dolphin, Bristol Channel.

A mid year treat for a crowded Oldenberg (the supply ship for Lundy), difficult to get the shot with the jostling throng and the elusive dolphins but this breaching beauty was satisfying to record. Interestingly, from overhearing conversations, most of the boat seemed to think that this was a harbour porpoise, maybe because of the smaller size compared to the bottlenose dolphin, but the ‘beak’ is a sure -fire identifying giveaway.

3. Razorbills on Lundy.

With a beak full of sand eels this Razorbill draws admiring glances from fellow auks reminding me of an awesome afternoon watching these birds on Lundy Island. Patience is the key in these situations, but with such stunning creatures time passes quickly.

4. Sika hind, Lundy.

Perfect eye contact with a shy Sika amongst the lush bracken. Silent shutter mode helps in situations like these.

5. South Light, Lundy.

More Sika hinds, near the South Lighthouse on Lundy. I’m chuffed with the framing of this one.

6. Mill Rock, Woolacombe.

Taken on a rare June day with no-one on the beach. Longish exposure with tripod to compensate for the strong southerly.

7. Tibbetts in the heather.

Late summer when most of the nesting seabirds have gone on their journeys, the heather lights up Lundy. Like bluebells it’s difficult to portray the magnificent beauty of the scene, but this one has come out alright with blue skies and late afternoon sunshine lighting the landscape.

8. Van life, marine drive, Woolacombe.

Nomadic camper vans saviour the last light of a midsummer’s evening. The wide angle helps draw the viewers eyes along lines to the setting sun.

9. Baggy point reflections, Woolacombe beach.

Lovely winter light reflects on the puddles of a recent rain-stormed beach. It does help that I live here so can catch the beach in all of its many moods, someone still has to press the shutter though….

10. Right handers off the stream, Woolacombe.

A long exposure of one of the last sets before dark. Morte Stone proud, surfers reflecting and an un-ridden set. This picture tells the story, simple, clean and home.



Thanks for looking, please leave a comment below for a chance to win one of the last three ‘Beautiful North Devon Calendars’

All photos are available for 46cm x 30cm prints, e-mail for details.

Coming next ‘Winter Project 20’

Fuji XT3 w/ 16-55mm f2.8, 200mm f2, 10mm – 24 f4, 100-400mm