Joon Projeckt 2020 #joonprojeckt2020

Posted on May 23, 2020


One photo everyday in Joon 2020. No rules, just photos. Post your images with the #joonprojeckt2020.

Join in. It’s for everyone with a camera or phone or even a vidid imagination.

(The history of June Projeckt.)

It started five years ago as an exercise in photography during the month of the year with most daylight. The challenge is to take (at least) one photo, everyday in June and publish it via blog, Insta, facebonk or even here. Send images to me for consideration via e-mail. (Send to < > images should be low res & 1500px on longest edge.).

Photo, everyday & publish.

Set yourself that challenge of producing something publishable come rain or shine, EVERYDAY, just like working photographers have to do. Be honest, the metadata will expose those who wish to publish their portfolio.

It’s only 30 images and you will learn so much about your camera and your technique (and yourself) if you accept the challenge. Just go with the flow, shoot what you see. Adapt, be creative and shoot.

You will not die. We will be supportive of you and our photography community. We will like and share, give your opinion, have a laugh and share our knowledge and most of all be positive.

God knows we need it now.

One word of caution:

If, before the projeckt, you’ve already decided what your photos and message/story is going to be. Then it is not a projeckt, it is fluff. It is not art it is propaganda. Explore, drift. experiment.

Open your mind, let the creative juices flow and

Float on them.

Spread the word #joonprojeckt2020

Warming up: 26th May