Joon Projeckt 2020 #joonprojeckt2020

Posted on May 23, 2020


One photo everyday in Joon 2020. No rules, just photos. Post your images with the #joonprojeckt2020.

Join in. It’s for everyone with a camera or phone or even a vivid imagination.

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(The history of June Projeckt.)

It started five years ago as an exercise in photography during the month of the year with most daylight. The challenge is to take (at least) one photo, everyday in June and publish it via blog, Insta, facebonk or even here. Send images to me for consideration via e-mail. (Send to < > images should be low res & 1500px on longest edge.).

Photo, everyday & publish.

Set yourself that challenge of producing something publishable come rain or shine, EVERYDAY, just like working photographers have to do. Be honest, the metadata will expose those who wish to publish their portfolio.

It’s only 30 images and you will learn so much about your camera, your technique, your style (if you are developing one) and yourself.  Accept the challenge and just go with the flow, shoot what you see, adapt, be creative and try to learn something. 

You will not die. We will be supportive of you and our photography community. We will like and share, give your opinion, have a laugh and share our knowledge and most of all be positive.

God knows we need it now. (Don’t bring god into it).

If, before the projeckt, you’ve already decided what your photos and message/story is going to be. That’s fine but it is not a really in the projeckt spirit, projeckt is not propaganda or perfect sunsets. Open your mind. Let the creative juices flow. Explore. drift. experiment. Dont be afraid to fuck up. Most importantly have fun but watch-out for the Final Countdown by Fucken Journey…….

June 1st

My photo: Spent the day on Exmoor, my first visit since lockdown, beautiful blue skies and clear views; Countisbury, Lorna Doone valley, Robbers Bridge, Porlock Vale, River Barle, Moles Chamber and view to Dartmoor. Best photo was these ‘three stupid lambs on a pile of chop’. Whats yours #joonprojeckt2020

June 2nd

I was up early this morning to get the sunrise and this view of Baggy Point all lit up with subtle sexiness. Sunrise lights up Baggy Point.

June 3rd.

After ten weeks of wall to wall sun, today saw the first clouds and even (much needed) RAIN. No need to panic, just take a picture of a shed. “Simons’ Shed”.

June 4th.

Another flat light day, grey and very boring. One of the reasons why I find ‘Projeckts’ help develop me as a photographer, is that sometimes you are forced to confront your frailties and understand them to help you develop and also to ‘get the shot’. One of my weaknesses is that I am uninspired by bad light, if it’s grey then often I just can’t be arsed. I understand that this is a priviledged view and also a consequence of living in such a beautiful place. An area that, is at it’s very best with warm golden hour sunbeams or misty sunrises. Anyway, here she is, todays photo; (hand held), super splash with silver ragwort in the foreground. (Tibbles smashed it today).

June 5th.

I scattered a few daisy seeds on a bare patch of soil, for a client about eight years ago. Nothing happened for a couple of years, then one year they started to appear. Each subsequent year is different – some with plenty of blooms, some not so many. This year they have been at their best ever.

June 6th

Walked up to Black Cloud Hill….

June 7th

Feeling very proud to be a Bristolian tonight. Growing up there I remember the Colston statue alway had ‘slave trader’ spray painted on it, no matter how many times the council scrubbed it off, it always came back. **We’ll never surrender!** Ever. #combesgatecrew. This is my home now but still wonder how it would have unfolded.

June 8th

Wobble, wobble, wobble. Get out of it.

June 9th

Easy one today. They’re tarmacking the road at Woolacombe central. Workers from all over Devon turn up at 6am to start the H&S taping and strategy, then the machines start grinding at 7.30am (just as dozens of lockdown couples do in synchronicity).

June 10th

A third of the way through the Projeckt and congratulations for getting this far. Some notable contributions from @robtibbles, Angry of Ilfracombe, @WoolacombeSurf, @ScottishSurf, georgiabbuckley, Pam&Hamish and kathleenspears are keeping us all on our toes. But as Tibbles says, it’s not a competition, the only one that you are againt is yourself. Having said that he plumped for the classic ‘rose in the rain’ shot today and left me struggling for ideas and colour, with heavy rain and mist on the beach….

So, here’s a macro shot taken from the comfort of my front room, in grey.

Here’s the setup btw, extension tubes, remote flash and photographers cushion.

June 11th

Baggy in quiet, reflective mood.

June 12th

So glad I got my shot this morning before the weather came in. I’m slowly getting the hang of this… Anyway, quite proud of this ‘bird on a stick’ photo. Goldfinch, Coulsworthy.

June 13th

Lovely stroll to the point today to stare at Lundy for a bit.

June 14th

Baggy Point (again). #landscapeswithatelephoto

June 15th

Lovely walk around Bull Point. Saw Gannets, dolphins, seals, goldfinches, chiffchaffs, skylarks, guls and some top class cloud porn.

June 16th

Happy Birthday Sis! (it’s only a number..).

Todays pic is from one of my clients’ garden, a charming old bicycle making an adorable focus point amidst a few intentionally planted weeds….

June 17th.

The footie is back, although in a much depleted form with the fans, the atmosphere – the life blood – is absent. Anyway, misty all day here but this’s a pic of my first flower on the chilli plant..

June 18th

It’s been raining all day. Here’s a front window shot of my beloved XT-3 taken by my new (to me) XH-1. Gonna talk Fujifilm brand for a bit so please go to the next image if you’re not interested.

I loved my XT-2 and off the back of that bought a XT-3 for advances in autofocus etc. (you know how you get sucked in by the marketing hype). To be fair though the new (slightly bigger), sensor ripped off images like a machine gun and with a better hit rate. All my best ever Razorbill, Guillemot and Puffin – in flight, shots from last year are testament to this.

However, for me and by eye, as a photographer (& not a video (p)expert or even a dreaded pixel peepee er ooh er, matron.) There was no difference in IQ. In fact there were several shots where the XT-2 showed better edge sharpness imo. To be fair the differences where really small.

Anyway. I bought a second hand XH-1 for £600. It has the XT-2 sensor but a better grip (for my big hands), built like a brick and has IBIS. I figured it was cheaper than spending £2k on the new all singing and IBIS-dancing XT-4. And.

It’s been a revelation. The IBIS is still good for a tenth and even more if you are steady. The best money I never spent on a (nearly) new camera; full stop (and a real bargain if you are hunting a new sled). So far I’ve shot the whole of #joonprojeckt2020 on the XH-1. Here’s one it took of the XT-3. (It aint what you got, it’s the way that you do it).

June 19th

This is most overlooked old feature in Woolacombe. The old water fountain by the toilets. If only it was working again and you could refill your water bottle for free.

Oh and look; the Red Barn is Open.

Holy Shit! (For an extensive takeaway menu….

June 20th

No summer solstice sunset tonight, the sun disappeared at about 7pm. This is just before. Herring guls at the stream.

June 21st

Atlantic comer at Woolacombe. (NB the Atlantic is green, not blue).

June 22nd

Had a bit of a wobble last night. This is the only thing that I could find on the card reasonably in focus….

June 23rd

Back in the saddle. Morte point with sun grass.

June 24th

Being mindful of the descending mist and the suffocating high tide crowds at the beach, on the hottest day ‘of the year so far’. I’ve decided not to wait for the most popular photographed sunset ‘of the year so far’. Instead this beautifully restored reminder of the excellence of german engineering at the end of the last century, caught my eye. BMW had niche market in Britain based on its quality engineering and this nearly 30 year old example shows its everlasting appeal.

Unlike the classless jellymould incarnations of most modern beemers, but to be fair, that is their current owners favourite food.

June 25th

The hottest day of the year so far, and the third hot day in a row; “three fine days and a thunderstorm” was a phrase attributed to George II, who had no great affection for Britain or its climate. No comment.

June 26th

Happy Friday! Getting the shot done early today so as I can enjoy a few gins and a home made curry. Here’s a few scraggy sheep, green pasture and some clouds. To me it says ‘Devon’.

27th June

Windy on the top of Woolacombe down this afternoon.

Todays thing learnt on the #joonprojeckt2020: Setting up the XH-1 on the tripod, I turned the OIS off on the 10-24mm lens and it also switched of the IBIS in the camera. Neat.

28th June

Jackdaw. Beady.

29th July

The penultimate pic for Joon Projeckts 2020. It’s been a journey through the weather but also I’ve noticed a little less time to take photos these days, compared to early Joon when we were still in relative lockdown. So as the country gears up for the grand opening and I have worn my mojo quite thin, I went back to the woods (a safe place) for todays offering. Trying to get a retro film feel from these gloomy old trees and an almost dried up stream bed.

June 30th

Last one on another mizzley day. Straight outa camera using Fujifilm film simulation; Acros. This is Exmoor.

Thank you and goodnight.