Giant Deadly Flamingo Sunsets

Posted on May 19, 2020


Untitled (Giant Deadly Flaming Flamingos)


As lockdown slowly eases,

And our splendid isolation is breached.

By hordes of infected second-home owners,

And their flamingo rings at the beach: 

We anxiously await the second-wave of contagion.

Not by some valkyrie or eeauch.  But by some 

Condescending men with Audis and shorts, coloured peach .


With deference to Spike Milligan.



This is my third and final set of photos from (what will be known as) that golden age of lockdown here in Woolacombe 2020. Themes of isolation, loneliness and remoteness as the land is re-wilded shine through, I hope. The mood of a community that has really drawn together cannot be shown in photos. Just hope that it sticks like All That Glue.


Baggety Point sunset


The church, the Old light and Tibbetts


Perfect mini left hander


Morte visa


1% human, 110% nature.


Woolacombes’ new skate park.




More empty


Lockdown sunset.


Reflected in the windows of the pub.



If you click on the image you can sometimes make it bigger, but that depends on the size of the screen your looking at it on. For me, they all look great on a 27″ Mac.

Fujifilm XT-3 w/ 18-55 f2.8.

That’s all folks.

Next post is back to normal  #JoonProjeckt20

(Rumour: Car park and toilets are open June 1st).




In other news, this Wren is nesting in Simons shed: