End of the summer sunsets

Posted on September 2, 2020


Woolacombe sunsets are a photographers dream. Big skies, big beach, big sand dunes and big tides. Foreground interest (usually dogs), mid ground (crashing waves or rocks at combesgate) and background – the magnificent light thrown up as our planet rotates away from the star that gives life to our galaxy.

Here are a few of my latest humble experiments, in an ever expanding learning curve despite forty plus wasted years of living and surfing at this beach.

Big set, high tide.

Right handers off the point.

Lundy dreaming, shit pipe screaming.

Stream 1

Stream 2

Misty morning sun rise, no one out.

Best viewed on a 27″ Mac.

Click on it to make it bigger (oooh eeer missus).

Thank you

Xh-1 & XT-3

Next up:  Return to Lundy October 2020