The story behind the photos

Posted on December 19, 2020


In the beautiful North Devon Calendar 2021.

This is the twentieth year that I’ve made a calendar, the 2000 version was a single A4 card page and featured a picture of Andy Irons (the famous Hawaiian surfer who came to Cornwall for a contest in 1999). In those days I was a freelance photographer and the calendar was a PR tool that I sent to all my editors, clients and potentials. It had all my contact details on it and I reckoned as well as being a useful year planner it would keep my e-mail address within (hind) sight…. Subsequent calendars featured Megan Abubo, Layne Beachley, Alan Stokes and Stuart Campbell amongst other famous surfers. 

This years calendar is the evolution of my photography style over the years from sports action and seascapes (we used to call them line-up shots) to wild life action and sea/land scapes. It sounds a bit awkward but then so is any transition. I’m happy with the photos this year and will always refer back to them, as it was a special spring here in North Devon for its lucky residents.

“So lets jump into this”. (Practising for my youtube channel….).


Everybodys favourite bench and probably one of the most photographed benches in the county. This one taken peak spring during the first lockdown with perfect 2 foot swell and absolutely no else around; it’s what makes this one special – no caravans or cars in the car park and no one on the beach. 


Same view point but taken this time in peak midwinter, teatime sunset and a nice clean three foot swell rolling in for the hardy to enjoy.


On Lundy Island’s east coast looking towards the South Light. Of Lundys’ three lighthouses the South is probably the least photographed or visited, on this day some of the Islands herd of Sika deer provide some foreground interest.


This one titled “Everything drains back to the sea”. Is of some abstract sand patterns on the beach as the sunset moves back towards Lundy in the spring.


The bluebell shot on a beautiful spring morning during lockdown along the Combesgate valley, these coastal bluebells set the scene as a fresh swell arrives at the ‘gate’ for the lucky few isolating in Woolacombe.


If Carlsberg did favourite photos, this surely would be up there, it certainly is for me. Lundy sunset taken from a sand dune in Woolacombe.. (Taken with the 200mm f2 showing it’s superb performance in sharpness  and tonality.)


One of North Devons’ best kept secrets, Crow Point – you can always find space here, even more so during a locked in lockdown.


“Life is just froth”. Everyone is a sucker for a Woolacombe sunset, me included. Best sunsets in the world.


Classic Woolacombe beach; big sky, empty beach and the profile of a sleeping dragon separating them.


The nights start to draw in and in this one there are some dog walkers wandering around looking for reflections in puddles.


Fire and Ice. Last chance for a camping trip to Exmoor, this one is a misty sunrise on a frosty morning at Westermill Farm. Taken with the 200mm f2 again, poking out of the flap in the tent with my PJs still on…


Beach. You are never truly alone, nature is with you. If you do feel alone or desperate please call someone, anyone and also get outdoors, whatever the weather.


Rock Pool Reflections. Christmas colours. How many millions of children, both local and holidaymakers have played in that rock pool over the years?

Thanks for dropping in, hope that you can enjoy these photos every month next year.

If you haven’t got a calendar yet, it’s available here ->

Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2021

Or if you live locally through Shirley’s Newsagent, Woolacombe.


Wishing all my subscribers, friends, fellow bloggers and visitors a happy and safe holiday and here’s hoping for a surf filled, photography rich and much better 2021.