Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2021

Posted on November 17, 2020


It’s here! After a tedious lead up, mainly due to the current situation, I am pleased to announce that the new calendar has arrived. This years edition has a different feel to it and is perhaps, more atmosphereic that previous calendars. The reason for this is of course due to the first lockdown. 

This meant that I was ‘stuck’ here in Woolacombe and had to cancel my usual trips to Scotland and Lundy island, so for the first time in years the calendar doesn’t have a fresh picture of a Puffin. Boooooo. However the weather was fabulous during #lockdown1 and I often found myself alone on the beach with my camera (the results of which are detailed in a few blogs below, if you have some spare time). I also managed two lucky stays on Lundy just before each of the lockdowns (but sadly when the Puffins were still out at sea).

So, this years calendar features empty beaches, moody sunsets and big skies. The only area I struggled with this year, in the mandatory brief of Beaches, Lundy and Exmoor was a stunner on Exmoor. This was finally delivered one early morning as the sun rose through the trees and mist on a camping trip. Exmoor fans will probably recognise the treeline at Westermill Farm.


The cover is a shot of Baggy point and my and indeed almost everyone I know’s favourite bench. Putsborough sands devoid of humans on a beautiful spring morning.

Love May, a month that I would normally be photographing Puffins on Lundy. Last year it was just a dream.


Not your normal bluebell shot, but here’s April. Combesgate valley, 2-3 foot and only the local surfers enjoying the feeling.

Christmas reds for December, this rockpool on Woolacombe beach must have memories of countless children over the decades.

Woolacombe reflections, obvs.

The calendar is available from my Etsy shop, follow the link below.

Thank you