Shinny happy bluebells

Posted on May 11, 2021


Back to my local bluebell wood, now in full bloom but this time in a daylong downpour. Despite how good it was for the garden, was it worth the soaking, for both me and my kit?

See for yourself and if the shinny leaves and delicate flowers don’t lift your spirits, have a word with yourself. Personally I love the way a little bit of breeze adds some dynamic depth to some of the photographs.

Primroses, campion & bells

Badger path …

… leading into the Beech woods

Mossy tree

Special branch

Purple and soft moss green

Rain drops on blue bonnets

Garlic too

Good showing this year

Purple and lime

Fresh Beech leaves are the best

If you’re concerned about the XT-3 and 16 – 55mm f2.8, well the camera and lens both lived up to the badged WR (weather resistance) certification and thankfully survived and even thrived, thus alleviating all anxiety. Fujifilm.

Bluebell bonus

Two photos of ancient bluebell woodland, taken off piste near Tarr steps, yesterday…

That’s it for bluebells, Until next year.

Next up: First trip of the year to Lundy, in what I reckon is my 24th stay on the island.

It’s a humanitarian mission too, to take fresh pants for David who is in the middle of a massive 17 day stay…

(no comment…).