Boardmasters in black and white

Posted on August 16, 2021


I set myself a projeckt for the 2021 Boardmasters surf festival, the target was a dozen portraits in black and white.

The tool I chose was the Fujifilm XT-3 coupled with the Mitakon 33mm f0.95, a Chinese lens that is only manual focus. The results are below, no captions – just photos – jpegs straight out of camera, (using the Acros b&w setting with a red filter for the nerdy types), with just a little sharpening and exposure compensation.

It was so good to meet everyone after the long break, the surf community thrives in the UK because everyone gives back something, however small, making the bonds and spirit everlasting and indestructable.

So here they are; twelve became twenty twelve ….

Thank you.

Please share.

I’m happy for you to use the photos for personal use, social media and profile pix etc and if it’s possible please credit the photographer. Please contact me for commercial use and prints.