Big trees down

Posted on November 30, 2021


Nothing lasts forever but these Sessile oaks in the East Lyn valley below Watersmeet have been there for ‘nearly forever’, or at least a very long time. That was until storm Arwen wreaked havoc on one end of November Friday night party that got out of hand – and blew the friggin doors off!. There were many tragedies and even fatalities across the country due to the vicious early season storm and widespread tree falls, many due to the mild autumn and trees still in their party-dress of colourful leaves. Not to play down the human cost of the storm, and at the time of writing three people have been killed by the storm, but every fallen tree is a much needed tree in the human species fight for survival on this ever warming planet. Here are some photos from a walk two days after the storm, a six mile circular from Hillsford bridge/ Cheriton to Summertown hill and back again via Myrtleberry.

Before we start, another in the series of Exmoor gates you love, with added corrugated iron.

Countisbury, sunlit uplands.

East Lyn, below Watersmeet.

Good place to build a hill fort.

Brendon bumps

So it was sad to see big trees down on the high path from Watersmeet (Myrtleberry) to Summerhouse hill, it’s very difficult to negotiate but not unsurpassable but I wouldn’t be surprised if the National Trust closed the path while they clear the trees. Here’s the pix.

As Columbo used to say, ‘Just one more thing’ regarding the National Trust: Finally they have banned fox hunting from their lands, (or trail hunting – which was used as a smoke screen by hunts to allow the illegal killing of foxes with hounds – in contravention of the 2004 Hunting Act), after disgraceful 16 years (shame on you). The vote by NT members saw a total of 76,816 votes cast to ban trail hunts on National Trust land, and 38,184 against, a huge majority in favour of ending this cruel hunting practice so often abused by hunt members to satisfy their blood lust. Those that voted against, 38,184, really?

We see you.


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