At last, a proper frosty day.

Posted on January 15, 2022


It’s been mild here in north Devon over christmas and it seems like it’s been raining for eva but, at last mid January – winter briefly arrived, with a few gloriously sunny and bitterly cold days.

I love the frosty days and not just because they are becoming increasingly rare but mainly because, as a gardener, I like the way the frost enriches the garden,

by a. breaking down the soil and b. breaking down the pests (especially slugs).

Anyway here’s a photo story of a one of those days, starting at the beach, where there’s been plenty of swell.


With an obligatory stop at robbers bridge (which has been repaired, again and looking good for photos)


Then it’s boots on and a wander up Badgery  water, with the crunch of frosty grass under foot and your breath visable in the winter sunshine.


You can also see the breath of the woodlands.


Sessile oaks


Love this one.


Light and shade, sun and frost.


Took the XH-1 out for the trip, despite being an ‘old’ model, it still does the job. It’s built like a brick and the leaf shutter, combined with IBIS, makes shots like this possible.

Handheld, 35mm, f8, one third of a second.


Click on a pic to make it E pic…


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Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2022



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