Return to Duncansby Head

Posted on June 1, 2022


I’ve been coming up to Caithness since the eighties, almost annually for a surf and more recently for photography and wildlife as part of my job to contribute to the Judging team at the Scottish Surf Championships. It was only recently I stumbled upon the the of the area around Duncansby head, the cliffs, the stacks and the abundant wildlife are equal and above other more ‘famous’ landmarks in the UK and is a little known (or at least publicised) gem, well worth a visit if your on the NC 500 or whatever it’s called. In all those years of going west from Thurso, I should have been going east, haha,  although east is fabulous too… Links here and here.

Anyway here they are: the sea stacks, tick and click.


Interestingly, in 2016, it was reported in The Sunday Post newspaper that scientists from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldemarston had proposed a nuclear weapon test on the Stacks of Duncansby in 1953, but that the prevailing wet weather was too much for contemporary electronics and the idea was shelved. Thank fuck for that!


Fulmar disco
Fulmar disco 2, “longshot kickibucket”.
Fulmar disco part 3, “Bohannon – Disco Stomp”.

A bit voyeuristic but love this optimistic shot of of a Fulmar perching his/her nest near the most northly point of the UK just by the Pentland Firth. If you feel like clapping your hands ….

These Razorbills getting down and foot stomping.

But nothing makes your funk like a P funk

Make my funk a Puffin funk

I want to get puffined up


Make my cottage a Caithness cottage.

and make views like this while I eat turnips and potatoes…

Let me put my sunglasses on.

And sup Ol Pultney



I’ve had several people saying WTF are you on about with these ‘funk and disco’ references in this post.

Well, while I edit my photos I like to have some music on and often my captions are inspired by the lyrics to the tunes I’m listening to. Of course being old and having an obscure music taste means that most people don’t get the references, so here’s what I was listening to last night, (some Disco and Funk from the early seventies) click on the youtube links below & have a listen: I guarentee that your foot will be tapping!

P-Funk – Parliament  

Diamond in the back – Curtis Mayfield

Disco Stomp – Bohanon


That’s three bangers to get you started, seek & ye shall find!