Joon Projeckt 22 #Joonprojeckt22

Posted on June 12, 2022


A selection of random photos taken during June 2022, hopefully one a day, please join in the Joon Projeckt and add the hastag #takemorephotos. Check back when you can for the latest photo, which is at the top of the pile, here … (click on the images to make them blossom).

June 30. Well, the rain came and, despite shooting and trying every trick in the book including wide angles, black & white coversions and macro; there was nothing that I thought was good enough to publish. I know it’s against the spirit of ‘Joonprojeckt’ but, as I was batting alone on this one I can justify a 3 day delay for the final image: July 2. Red Barn double rainbow.

June 29. Cow parsley in the woodshed. Sillary cottage.

June 28. Well I’ve got an instagram account back, they wouldn’t let me have my old one but I’ve started a fresh with a new handle: esterspearspix. Follow me and I’ll lead you to the back. Black and white today, Baggy with a cloudy, post glastonbury headful.

June 27.  Woolacombe. June 2022. High tide. No one here and not square. Click on this one.

June 26. We’re just two lost souls, Swimming in a fish bowl

June 25. Between the downpours. Baggy Point.

June 24. After the rain. Gate on coast path.

June 23. Threesome sunset.

June 22.  Backlit decaying sea pinks ..

June 21. Solstice day. Sweat pea.

June 20. Woolacome mid summer setty. Not square.

June 19. Four from the Moor, mid summer.

Babbling brook

Twin peaks.

Mum & son, from the ‘Nutscale herd’.. (Not too sure if that’s what it is called? Please

help me out by posting a comment below.

I’ve got my eye on you. #trustinme #spidersnacks

Some years you don’t see any but this year they are like buses. The one below, scroll down, (encountered near Headons Mouth), was small and very docile – possibly because it had just eaten (big bulge), but. This one (near Aldermans Allotment) was a big, fat, about a metre long and hostile …

June 17.  Summer plumage Dunlin, Woolacombe beach.

June 16. Happy Birthday Shell! (My sister). Despite being billed as the ‘hottest’ day of the year so far, it was overcast here in Woolacombe and not too hot, it even tried to rain around tea time, plus some interesting low cloud. Took a load of photos this evening for #joonprodjeckt22; here’s a father and daughter going for a surf in the mid afternoon bump in swell. Back to square.

June 15. Ash dieback on my favourite tree …… Nothing lasts forever. Not square. That’s fair.

June 14. Stonechat, Woolacombe Downs.

June 13. How do you make a long photo into a square one? Who knows? Just gotta be lucky with the light I guess, and, and use the colours..

June 12. Snake in the grass, Adder. Love this one.

June 11. Garlic.

June 9. Narrow Leaf

June 7. This Devon bank has been eroded leaving ‘Moss on the roots’.

June 6th. Full Pom Digitalis by the sea.

June 4. Campion on the donkey path.

June 3. Overgrown Beech hedge, Exmoor.

June 1. Last of the BBells.

Fujifilm. Film.

I’ve decided to shoot the Joon Proj 22 in square format as a homage to my

Instagram account that has been shut down by Meow or whatever it’s called these days

“because I’m ‘under 14 years old’ !!!!”

Haha, truly science finction stuff: The robots have taking over.

Computer says no .. ….  .

Anyway, follow me here and I’ll set up a new account pretending to be a 12 year old young tory into pork markets and tea socks!!

Click, click, clickety blue tick.

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