Bimble around Toms Hill

Posted on July 4, 2022


No one knows who Tom was, not even Sarah & Jack. The word could even have morphed from thumb to tom, as that is what this, big, flat top hill looks like. However, during my research I came across this astounding photo of the farmhouse that once stood atop the hill, and the amazing story of the Little family who were decendants of the original Scottish shepherds that brought the black faced sheep to Exmoor back in the days when the Knights owned most of the moor. You can find it (and more of the back story) here:

Notice that the photo is entitled “The little family outside their home at Tomshill, Exmoor.” Tom shill – all one word. Did shill exist c1900? Maybe it did..

Anyway a perfect afternoon for a bimble, starting with a shower at ‘Two Gates’ then with clearing skies and eventually sunshine. No snakes this time out but plenty of distant deer, skylarks and Duke of Edinburgh children – plus, the ruins of a medieval village..


The old and the new, and something that never changes; unpredictable Exmoor weather..


Roof top garden.


Beautiful Skylark fledgling trying to hide mid-path.


Royal forest boundry wall and native digitalis.


Badgery low tide.


Lovely mosses and bleached rocks.


Old hawthorn, barely hanging on, more lichen than leaves.




First of the Exmoor heather starting early this year.


Thank you.

Fujifilm XT-3 w/ 16-55mm f2.8 & 50-140mm f2.8

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