Birds and Bluebells on Puffin Island

Posted on May 18, 2016


Regular readers of this weblog, (oh I hate that word, it’s not even woody sounding…..) Right, start again, and from this point onwards, this ‘photo and musings diary’ will be referred to as a wetlog – because it’s is more like a saturated piece of driftwood than something that was made up by an adolescent who is too lazy to spell properly…..

Anyway, here’s still a thing, regular readers to this wet-log will already understand that I have a love affair with Lundy Island. Its totally irrational of course, just because when I look out to sea from where I live; it’s there. Remote, wild & a daily antidote to the shit that is the struggle to pay the price they charge to live on this planet.  I have visited and stayed on the island, (on many occasions with many good friends), but, here’s the real thing; I’ve never seen a puffin. Yes. Fuck me, he name Lundy is believed to come from the old Norse word for “puffin island” (Lundey), lundi being the Old Norse word for a puffin and ey, an island, although an alternative explanation has been suggested with Lund referring to a copse, or wooded area. Personally, I defer to the wooded corpse theory because, and here’s another bombshell, I’ve never seen a bluebell on Lundy either.

Two days ago I joined an ex Tibbettian and we went to see if we could see a Puffin – and the surprise was that the island was coated with bluebells… (A sure sign that the island was once a wooded area).

Bluebells_STX0260 _STX0233 _STX0226 _STX0201 _STX0184 _STX0144 _STX0129 _STX0123 _STX0121 _STX0115 _STX0095 _STX0086 _STX0078

Puffins nest with Guillemots and Razorbills amongst others and are predicated upon by everyone included rats, guls, skewers and climate change….

If you click 0n the pic, you can make it wonderfully big on your screen.

Canon 7d mk2 c/w EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 L IS (112- 480mm equivalent)

More to follow over next few days

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