Whey hey

Posted on May 14, 2013


The cheer you up the the teeth of this miserable rainstorm, here’s a few pix wot I took, of my local beach around the end of March 2013. As ever if you clickety click on the image some propeller head has made the software enlarge the pic, amazing.

Canon 5D mk3 c/w 70-300 L IS f4-5.6 USM

_ST_0351Estpix13 _ST_0371Estpix13 _ST_0394Estpix13 _ST_0399Estpix13 _ST_0419Estpix13 _ST_0424Estpix13 _ST_0440Estpix13 _ST_0457Estpix13 _ST_0465Estpix13_ST_0387Estpix13