Calendar 2015

Posted on January 3, 2015


Due to various circumstances, mainly a combination of apathy and lack of time, I didn’t do a calendar this year. However with a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment due to some unexpected cracked ribs, I’ve had a trawl through all the photos ‘what I took’ in 2014 and picked out 24 that might have been suitable. You choose your favourite 12! Here they are:



1. Looking south from Tibbetts, Lundy.



2. Sandwood Bay, Scotland.


3. Bluebells, Longlands, Coulsworthy.


4. Dean stream, Coulsworthy.


5. Alan Stokes, freesurf at English Championships, Watergate Bay, Cornwall.


6. Swallow drinking on the wing, Longlands lake, Coulsworthy.


7. Valley of the Rocks, mid-summer sunset, Lynton.


8. Woolacombe car park.


9. Woolacombe Beach.


10. Exmoor Stags.


11. Rhenish Tower, Lynmouth.


12. Longlands Lake, Coulsworthy.


13. Ditto


14. Mid-summer sunset, Lundy.


15. Morte Point.


16. Exmoor Pony, Foreland Point.


17. East Lyn, Watersmeet.


18. Ditto.


19. Mid-winter sunset, Baggy Point.


20. Lundy Island.


21. Morte Point.


22. Full moon over Baggy Point.

North coast line upESTX7359_Estpix14

23. Brimms Ness, Caithness.


24. Valley of the rocks and Foreland Point, Exmoor.


All photos taken during 2014 with Canon 5D mk3 and various lenses.