Peregrine encounter on Lundy

Posted on June 30, 2017


It was a spur of the moment trip prompted by the stinking hot mid-June heat wave. The thought was ‘at least there will be a breeze on Lundy’, although this proved to be no exactly true. At least the voyage across on the Oldenberg was very pleasant. Last minute booking meant camping, which was a first for me, more about this later; but just trawling through the modest 888 (the sign of the three fat ladies) photos taken on this three day stay – revealed an extraordinary encounter with three Peregrine falcons. (For Beth- ‘Pedigree Falcons’ yes they are real).

Here’s the story. Thursday 22nd June. 10amish. After catching glimpses of  a pair of Peregrines effortlessly patrolling the skies from the luxury of the hangover deckchairs at the top of the Old Light. We decided to strike north for some west coast fresh air. Above the sound of the newly arriving westerly swell and wind was the whining squeal of a weasel caught in a trap, squeak, squeak.  But it was not a rodent of any kind but a bird.

I’m assuming, and I stand to be corrected in the comments, below, that this is the fledgling, near to the nest on his/her poo stained rock squeaking for mum and dad to ‘deliver the pizza’ Whot evs . Then this happened.

If you click on the pictures, they get bigger and you can see that a smaller Peregrine chases  a larger, whining, Peregrine off the rock.

What’s going on?

My, totally uneducated guess, is that whining youngster – who looks fat and healthy, is being told to stand up for him/her self and catch some food rather than hang around in the bedroom, using up bandwith and squeaking……

Any other takes? Please leave your comments below, thanks.

7 D mk2 w2/ 70-300mm IS DO diddlysqit

More Lundy photos from the trip coming soon, inc Shags & seabirds..





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